The Space

Before I start posting miniatures projects, I wanted to give a quick look at my hobby desk and the various tools of the trade.

My hobby desk
My hobby desk

This is an older picture of my hobby desk because it's sort of an embarrassing mess at the moment. Partly this is because real life has intruded, but also because I have multiple projects going on, which I'll be sharing more about in future posts!

I'll go from right to left through the different tools and objects in the photo.

Tiered Miniature Holding Rack #

This rack features ten one-inch holders and three two-inch holders. It's made of MDF and dowels.

When painting, you don't want to be holding miniatures directly. Using these, I can attach miniatures using blue-tak or a tiny dab of super glue and paint without ever touching the model. And, with the number of holders included, batch painting groups of miniatures becomes a lot easier!

This rack was custom built for me through my brother's woodworking business, ORO Woodworks, for around $75. Other companies, such as Games Workshop, make more specialized holders.

Paint Racks #

These six-tier stepped paint racks are from Ironheart Artisans. They are sized for Games Workshop paint pots, so they'll fit smaller dropper bottles with ease.

Paints #

I like the Vallejo Model Color range for most purposes. You'll also find some of their Game Color bottles on my desk, too. And, finally, Games Workshop washes/shades because they work nicely straight out of the pot.

Brushes #

For the most part, I have been using Army Painter Wargamer Series brushes, but I've recently mixed in some Games Workshop dry brushes because I find the larger AP one far too stiff. And, of course, there are a random assortment of general acrylic, watercolor, and multi-purpose brushes floating around.

Lamps #

I'm not sure the brand of these lamps, but I found them at Target. Each one is an LED strip about 12" long. Having one on each side provides good (but not perfect) illumination.

Decor #

I've decorated the area with various hobby awards received from the Kings of War community here in the northeast. The awards in the photo are from Orc Town GT.

Not Pictured #

Like everyone, I have a variety of little tools - knives, clippers, snips, pin vise and bits, files - most of which were no-name brands picked up from local hobby shops or Amazon.

But there's one tool that does deserve special note: the Citadel Mouldline Remover. I tend to avoid GW modeling tools because you definitely pay a premium for the brand name, but this is a fantastic tool.

It doesn't work for every case, but it's a real time saver for hard plastic miniatures!