Showcase: 15mm Anglo-Saxons

This post is the first in a series of showcases where I'll share completed projects (though, few projects are ever truly complete).

This is a force of Anglo-Saxon miniatures in 15mm scale (roughly 3/4 inches tall from foot to head) made by Splintered Light Miniatures.

My goal with the paint scheme on these has not been true historical accuracy, but rather a contrast with my 15mm Irish/Scottish force (which I will showcase in another post). Where those miniatures are painted in earthy browns and greens, the Anglo-Saxons are painted in largely primary colors with bright shields to set them apart on the battlefield. Again, the shield patterns are not aiming for true historical accuracy, but for cohesiveness with a nod toward history.

These miniatures were painted in on-and-off periods during the first half of 2020. Each photo will have a caption with a link to the miniatures it features.

Personalities (6 miniatures depicting lords, leaders, clerics, etc)
Huscarls (12 miniatures depicting a lord's household troops)
Fyrd (24 miniatures depicting conscripted local militia)
Archers (24 miniatures depicting archers, presumably also part of the fyrd)

These miniatures will most likely be used for historical rulesets like Lion Rampant and Saga.