Series: New Orc City, Part 1

This is the first post in the New Orc City series.

For the last year or so, I've been thinking about starting a new Kings of War army project. This post serves as the kicking-off point. Hopefully, this will motivate me to work on the project, so I can continue sharing updates!

Theme #

One of the best things about my gaming club, the Northeast War Kings (NEWK), hosts of Orc Town GT, is our lore. The world of Warkinglandia is filled with bizarre, imaginative factions. Probably the most notable of these is Orc Town itself and its inimitable leader, Skullface.

I've been interested in playing orcs for a while. They are melee focused, aggressive, and can field large units of ranked infantry (right up my alley). But living in the shadow of Orc Town's Soviet-inspired communist propaganda and the mythos of Skullface is not easy.

How could I fit a new orc faction into Warkinglandia in an original way?

The answer was to create a capitalist (in the worst, loosest possible sense of the word) splinter faction of orcs: New Orc City!

Founding of New Orc City #

The following passage describes the original founding of New Orc City by its illustrious mayor, Unkul Munnybagz:

Prior to the founding of New Orc City, Unkul Munnybagz was a citizen of Orc Town and employed as a low-level executive at Orc Mart. That establishment's wealth belongs to the orcs of Orc Town Skullface, but Unkul's greed and guile allowed him to embezzle vast sums while avoiding being noticed by the Orc Town elite.

Unkul's strange beliefs in property rights (as long as it was his property) and private ownership (as long as he was doing the owning) led him to develop a revolutionary system where he could control the means of production and get really fucking rich.

Once he had amassed a large enough fortune through his schemes, he acquired a winged slasher and fled Orc Town.

Now a fugitive, Unkul Munnybagz needed a base of operations. He was never one for getting his hands dirty with manual labor. Why would he earn what he could rightfully steal? And what better way to establish a home base than to take one by force?

After scrutinizing maps of Warkinglandia and wider Pannithor, Unkul set his sights on the fragmented Kingdoms of Men. Due to their many petty conflicts between rival fiefdoms, they were known for building impressive fortified settlements. He chose a town surrounded by stone walls (its name lost to history) and resolved to take it for his own.

Unkul needed an army, but he lacked a reputation like that of Skullface. Nobody would join Unkul's cause and help him fulfill his ambitions because of his inspirational presence. He would have to buy an army. He traveled across Warkinglandia hiring mercenaries - independent orc tribes, trolls, giants, etc - and building an army.

Unkul Munnybagz descended upon the fortified town in force. His hired troops looted, pillaged, and put the entire population to the axe while Unkul declared himself the mayor of New Orc City.

Modeling Approach #

The modeling for this army will depict the sacking and pillaging of a human town and the founding of New Orc City.

Miniatures #

The miniatures will be entirely made by Mantic Games with some custom conversions where it makes sense.

Colors #

The current plan for the miniatures is to paint the orcs with their classic green skin and their army colors as royal purple and black (with some white accents).

Bases #

The bases are a key part of the overall theme and they will be textured to look like stone pavers and will include plenty of scattered miniatures of dead and dying human defenders, barrels, bags, boxes, bins, and the general disarray of city streets filled with rampaging hordes of orcs!

Further, this army will be fully magnetized to make travel easier.

Army Composition #

One of the traps of this hobby is changing your army lists too frequently. And one of the drawbacks of optimizing lists for in-game effectiveness is that you, as a hobbyist, might not get to paint all the models you want to paint.

For this army, I wanted to set myself some limitations:

To that end, here's the initial list with planned model counts (following preferred model count):

Unit Size Dimensions (mm) PMC
Ax Horde (Hv Inf) 250x100 30
Morax Regiment (Hv Inf) 125x100 15
Morax Regiment (Hv Inf) 125x100 15
Morax Troop (Hv Inf) 125x50 8
Orclings Regiment (Swm) 120x40 *
Orclings Regiment (Swm) 120x40 *
Trolls Horde (Lg Inf) 120x80 5
Giant Titan 75x75 1
War Drum Monster 50x50 1
Godspeaker Hero (Hv Inf) 25x25 1
Krudger Hero (Hv Inf) 25x25 1
Krudger Hero (Cav) 25x50 1
Krudger on Winged Slasher Hero (Ttn) 75x75 1

Next Time #

That's all for the inaugural post in the New Orc City series!

I've done a good amount of experimentation with materials for basing and settled on a process I think is workable. I've already started all the bases and the next post in the series will detail the process for creating them.